Dear friend,

First, the good news. The gentleman deputed to produce lunch in the flat across mine keeps the same laggardly timetable that I do. Long after the grinding, rolling, whistling and chopping noises have ceased from the more efficient flats around us, we enter our facing kitchens to perform our duties with the same air of breezy distraction. I have never met him, but I know the mood in which a person turns on the songs of Mohammed Rafi before applying themselves to a task. I welcome and celebrate it. 

Now I presume you will want the bad news. But as of this moment there are no personal tragedies to report.

On the subject of podcasts, The Lit Pickers reached the end of its run last week. If you listened to it, thank you. If you didn’t, each episode is about as long as it takes to make a tasty, nutritious and mercifully quick lunch. No link as it is available #WhereverYouGetYourPodcasts.

When COVID-19 lockdown was first announced in India, I wrote an op-ed for The Guardian. I submit it for the historical record here

In my Mumbai Mirror column this month I wrote about Dilip D’Souza and Joy Ma’s The Deoliwallahs; Thucydides and Boccaccio; and more. The columns are here

If there is a new year wherever you are reading this, happy Vishu.

I’ll write again next month. 


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